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Purpose of this website

This Website provides you with Key Information Documents (KIDs) for structured products, as required by Regulation (EU) No 1286/2014 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 26 November 2014 (the PRIIPs Regulation) on key information documents for packaged retail and insurance-based investment products (PRIIPs), and related Programme documents that are published for information purposes only. You can access PRIIPs KIDs through the “KID Search” tab, searching by ISIN; the Programme documents are accessible through the link under the “Programme Documents” tab.

The documentation you can find on this Website is related to structured products sold through private placement only.

PRIIPs Regulation

The PRIIPs Regulation has applied from 1 January 2018, aiming to increase the transparency and comparability of investment products through the publication of a standardized short form disclosure document - a KID.

The PRIIPs Regulation is intended to make it easier for retail investors to understand and compare the key features, risk, rewards and costs of different products in scope of PRIIPs through the provision of the KID. This is a free-of-charge pre-contractual, stand-alone document that is to be shared with the investor prior to the conclusion of any transaction and updated throughout the lifetime of the PRIIP, where the PRIIP continues to be made available. The KIDs are not marketing material and do not constitute a recommendation or offer to purchase the investment products.

The PRIIPs Regulation applies to PRIIPs products and services made available within the EEA, regardless of the nationality of an investor.

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Offering Circular

The programme documents available on this website are published for information purposes only. This website does not constitute an offer of securities for sale nor a solicitation of an offer to purchase securities in any jurisdiction in which such offer or solicitation is not authorised. This website also does not constitute such an offer or solicitation to any person to whom it is unlawful to make such an offer or solicitation.

Bank of America Corporation, BofA Finance LLC, Merrill Lynch B.V. & Merrill Lynch International & Co. C.V. Note, Warrant and Certificate Programme

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What is a PRIIP?

A PRIIP is defined as an investment where, regardless of its legal form, the amount repayable to the retail investor is subject to fluctuations because of the exposure to reference values or to the performance of one or more assets that are not directly purchased by the retail investor; or an insurance-based investment product which offers a maturity or surrender value that is wholly or partially exposed, directly or indirectly, to market fluctuations.

What is the purpose of the PRIIPs Regulation?

The purpose of the PRIIPs Regulation is to encourage efficient EU markets by helping investors to better understand and compare the key features, risk, rewards and costs of different PRIIPs, through the provision of a short and consumer-friendly KID.

What is a KID?

A KID is a stand-alone, standardized document providing information regarding a PRIIP.
The KIDs are not marketing material and do not constitute a recommendation or offer of the investment products.

Is the KID a contractual document?

The KID is not a contractually binding document. The full terms and conditions for the PRIIP will be the only legally binding product terms, and will be contained in the Offering Circular (available under the Programme Documents tab) and in the applicable Final Terms (which will be available from your distributor).

What information is included in a KID?

Each KID will contain the following information:

  1. Product Name, Product Manufacturer details, date of publication and Competent Regulatory Authority
  2. What is this product?
  3. What are the risks and what could I get in return?
  4. What happens if the manufacturer of the PRIIPs is unable to pay out?
  5. What are the costs?
  6. How long should I hold the investment and can I take money out early?
  7. How can I complain?
  8. Other relevant information

How can I make a complaint?

Any complaint regarding the conduct of the person advising on, or selling, the product can be submitted directly to that person.

Any complaint regarding the product or the conduct of the manufacturer of this product can be submitted in writing at the following address:

Complaints Handling Department, 2 Kind Edward Street, EC1A 1HQ, London, United Kingdom
Or by email to Complaints.Handling@bofa.com

A link to the complaints section of the Product Manufacturer’s website can be found on https://www.bofaml.com/content/dam/boamlimages/documents/articles/ID17_1174/bofaml_eea_&_uk_complaints_handling_summary_version_3_april_2019.pdf

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